Welcome to Reggiecide Records

Our first release is Regicidal Resonance, by Reggie C.

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Why so serious?

Love music? Join us for a journey of emotion-provoking tunes that inspire and motivate. Come discover new musical places with us!


Get ready for our launch event!

Reggiecide Records is proud to announce we are throwing a huge launch party to celebrate our inaugural release. We plan to host some of the biggest names in the Australian scene, from early pioneers who shaped the sound through the 90’s into the millennium, to the new superstars rising through the ranks and taking Australia and the world by storm.  We have some serious names signed on already, so stay tuned for what will be a MASSIVE event in the Australian DNB scene!

Music Video

Watch our new music video on youtube

Check out our new music video for Regicidal Resonance, the debut single from Reggie C!


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Love our sounds? Want to rep our brand? We’ve got you covered with our new merch!

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